2008년 8월 26일 화요일

Youth on the street

World DJ Festival made me 2 good friends.
One is Jay,a graffiti writer and the other one is DongHoon.
Donghoon plays yoyo tricks on the street.He's been doing it for 8years.
(well..he's just 23years old though)
And he won a championship this year..yea..means this boy is the best in Korea.
I went to see his performance yesterday with SangYoung.
What I love is-he enjoys showing his tricks on the street.
For people who don't know he is,for people just come watch and go.
That's why I want to start street arts too.
I love things on the street.I want to be a part of the street.
And soon,I will be.
Here're some pics of those yoyo lovers.

That face!(he's DongHoon)

Skillful hands

(well..we had drinks together,this guy actually can do lots of magic tricks too!)

photogenic of the day.I was surprised that he only has practiced for few months.
He was cute and really could do everything.(he's not playing yoyo in this picture)

heh..I took lots of his pictures//

And our champion again!

After their street shows we had a drink together,most of them were in their early 20s.
That fact forced me to move(in a good way).well..I'm in my late 20s,and their 'street career' is much longer than mine.(If I don't count those nights on the street-,.-)
So I finished stencils I was making and went to the rooftop again.
It was much harder than I thought.the rooftop was so windy,the paper I chose wasn't good for stenciling.And my eyesight is worse in the night.
Plus,an hour later it started rain.(long long excuses)
Anyways.I'll do these again this friday in HongDae and that would be my real first street art.

-I used layers with the tool called pegbar which I use for work

1st layer-background and outline

2nd layer-body

3rd layer-eyeball and blood

Final.that dropping wasn't my intention.

Bleeding eye on the wall with flame tree(I paste this before)

Bleeding eye on the wall

Bleeding eye on the floor(without pegbar)

eye murderer

completed-with my signature.

Final scene in the rain


2008년 8월 18일 월요일

Broken Hearted People

Some of us shut their mouths and scream.

Some of us just do one thing till it destroy(or fill) ourselves.

Some of us hide and peep.

Or some of us keep on running away.

One of my friend lost her father while I was on a vacation.
One of my friend left Korea to study English.
One of my friend got dumped from her boyfriend,
One of my friend dumped his girlfriend and enjoyed crazy nights.
-So I erased his name from my heart.

And somebody offered me a new job.

2008년 8월 17일 일요일


Busan is the 2nd biggest city in my country.
It's a port,close to Japan.
I went to Busan with 3friends of mine for 3days this weekend.
And this trip was pretty interesting for many reasons.
After I graduated highschool,80%of my trips were with AeRan.(the one I went to Glastonbury with.)
And the last 15% were with my boyfriends at the moment or other friends,(Always just 2 of us).
Only twice in last decade I traveled with bunch of friends.

Leita,Keith,John,I went to Busan together,
Leita was my English teacher last year so We've known each other over a year but
I've only met John for 3times,Keith for 4 times.(They are friends of Leita.)
I'm kind of shy with people I don't know well,so I was a bit worried.
But it turned out that my worries were unnecessary.
I really enjoyed these 3 days.

From the left-Keith,Leita,John.At somewhere between our room and YongGungSa.
I ate a piece of raw fish there.Most of my friends would be surprised.
I don't even eat cooked seafood.But I wanted to try.
And I started to think I have to deal with it to be a fisherman.(I dream of this a lot these days)

Beautiful sky view from the place we stayed near SongJeong beach.
We got there early in the morning in a hard rain.
But after the rain,I fell in love with the sky.

We went to lots of nice places in the city.
While we were moving,while we were taking a rest I drew these eye people(John made this name!thanks!!)

I have history with this city.
I've lived in Busan with this girl for about 2 months.

I don't like to lie people but this girl made me lie many times.
When I talk about her,I usually told people that I had a boyfriend.
But it wasn't.I lived with this girl who I really liked.
And this trip reminded me of her.
We had been together for almost 4years.And I haven't seen her last 7 years.
Busan changed a lot in a decade,but still some places didn't seem to change.

Like here,TaeJongDae.It's a cliff.I want to live a place like there.

We walked up TaeJongDae and I walked faster than the other guys to make time to draw this.

Footprints of the past seemed to faded away but while I was following them they were there.
I think this is a feeling of getting older and letting things go.

I wanted to draw all 3 of them but I only drew Leita in a boring subway trip.(actually her feet.I like drawing people feet in the subway.)

Her face.She makes this face when she listens to the people next to her(I think she doesn't know maybe).
Sometimes it looks sad,sometimes serious,sometimes happy.
Well..this drawing is not good for showing all of those.

I just got back from a short vacation but I miss it already.
And this post lost its destination 'cause of so many feelings I had from this trip.
hmm..yea..those feelings would help me to get by I hope.

2008년 8월 13일 수요일



I was watching children's program at 7 in the morning.
In 2003,in a small hotel room in Japan.
When I started to wonder why I was watching children channel,She showed up.
She was wearing a flamboyant bird costume,very fierce facepainting.
And started to sing like a giant human bird.
It was really weird song.She didn't sing in human's word.She was just a bird.
I couldn't forget the scene,and months after I heard her voice again in Mondo Grosso's album.
That's how I found her.UA.
One of my rolemodels.A singer-songwriter,painter,actress,so on.

Here's my favorite UA song,閃光,from her first movie 水の女's OST.
She wrote this song also.

My Japanese isn't good.I hardly understand really basic things.
But in this song I understood these lines.
ねえ 今何時なの ここは何処なの
貴方は誰なの 帰る家はあるの
優しい人達が 殺されているよ
So..What time is it?Where am I?
Who are you?Do you have home to return?
Warm people are being killed.
吠える空を見た 目を閉じたまま 突き抜ける景色を
これ以上 何を見ればいいの だから私はもう戻らないよ
The sky were wailing,I saw that penetrating scenery with my eyes shut.
What more else do I need to see?So I'm not coming back.
(I tried to translate these,But my English is very limited & my Japanese is worse)

sketch on a yellow paper.I changed the girl in the right's pose,so I cut it and replaced.

This drawing came from my mind with those lines I understood,Ua's voice.
(And probably my mood too)

2008년 8월 9일 토요일

I was cheating on myself

I thought that I was cheating on you but I was cheating on myself-with or without you.
(No.I haven't cheated on you.)
And I almost forgot that the scissor was on my hand.
This thin rope can be easily cut.
No more.No more drinking alone.No more your sad birthdays.
No more midnight emails,No more.
I will not give them meanings though I know that I'll still be waiting for you.

Drinking alone on the rooftop in a lovely cool summer night was good.
But as always I got drunk and started to do stupid things.
Only I can stop me ruining myself.I need to.
No more dreadful morning.

This is what happened last night.
I slept on a bench in front of my apartment building.
Mom found me few hours after,slapped me and yelled at me and and and..
I don't remember how I got home.
I saw my phone and there was very drunk ugly me saying tons of trashes.
This should be a turning point.
I used to sleep on the street when I was drunk,But I had friends who could take me safe places,who could sleep next to me at least.
And I was 20.Those days are gone.
No more.
A past is a past.and I don't live in a past.

(I've been drinking everynight since last week.I wasted too many hours to drink instead drawing.)