2008년 4월 29일 화요일


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Do you remember the festival I said I participate?
on this Saturday,Sunday,at nanji area(worldcup stadium station,line6.exit1)
DJs and Musicians start to play around 7~8pm.
I'll be there from 1pm till the late night.maybe over the night.
at least,I'll watch the cornelius group's performance at the first day which starts at 8:30 and houserulez right after the cornelius group.
I want to stay until 2~3am so I could see DJ kawasaki,But I have to stay awake friday night(-the night before the festival-another DJ party I just go and enjoy)So I don't know.
The thing I can promise is I will be there from early afternoon to late night on both Saturday and Sunday.
You can come anytime from 1pm to 10pm.I'll be there for sure.at least Saturday.
And If you want to see those artists' stage then you have to buy tickets.20000won each for one night to the next morning.
But If you just come to see me and want to have drinks,feel free to come.
Outside of the stage area is just free.And there're also crazy things going on.
I'm really bad with taking phone calls these days,but I promise.
I'll grab the cellphone in my hand tightly in case of your calls around the place.

See you there,especially you Soon,Amber,Tristan!
(They already promised to come!maybe they're my only visiters!)


At Han's Deli(take-out snack bar)

I bought a small croquisbook and a cool sharp pencil.
And Started to spend waiting times for drawing.
I usually draw when I'm alone but I wanted to remember what I'm feeling on the street.
I used to hate people watching me drawing.I'm quite shy I think.
So I decided to pretend that I'm alone,listening music.Though I was in a place anybody can see what I'm doing.

Sunday I went out for dinner with my brother DogShit(from now,'DS').
The place was crowded,we had to wait about 25mins.So I drew these while 6 or more foreigners watching me.
DS is always interested in my drawings and askes me few questions about them.

DS:Is he sleeping?
SK:No.Something stings his heart.He feels it and tries to focus on.
DS:What stings his heart?
SK:I don't know.He doesn't even seem to know.

DS:What's wrong with this face?
SK:It's sad macho cresent moon.
DS:Why sad?
SK:Because he's old and all alone.

SK:It's me.
DS:What's this on your T-shirt?You're not wearing this!
SK:It's a giant eye.It scares birds.
DS:I didn't know that my sister was a scarecrow.

길이 아닌곳은 가지 마 Don't go outside of the way
남들이 간 곳만 가 Just follow what others have been
부탁이고 명령이고 소원이야 It's an asking an order and a wish
After reading these lines DS asked just one question.
Why does she want us to follow the way?
I told him,because that's what she's for.She's a human roadsign.
But actually It was something I want to tell myself.

Someone told me yesterday that I'm too selfish.
That's what I always heard from someone I care.
And from the moment,I can't find anything to say.
It hurts more and more.There's nothing I can do.
I'm emotionally retarded I feel.

2008년 4월 26일 토요일

loneliest star

One of my favorite grey pen drew this.
I didn't realize but I was writing the letter 'missing' on the ground.

Same pen.
The flower can't move.Her invisible root ties her up on the ground.
But her bee is born to fly.He wore Dikies,smiled silently without showing his teeth.And flew away.
He said that he'll be back but the flower couldn't help crying and saying what if he changes his mind.
But nobody knows.Time flies and if he's her bee,they'll smile together again.
That's what I want.
I wanna see the flower's smile in May.

Last Sunday I went to Taeyeon's place where she draws and teaches people.
While she was explaining her new student how to draw a petal I drew this on a toilet paper with her blue pen.

Don't you know that I'm free and I'm young
I'm the loneliest star from the sun
But I feel that I'm close to the one
Who will stop me from coming undone

..yeah..It's a lyric..The song 'loneliest star'of Seal.
But I feel that I'm close to the one who will stop me from coming undone.
I sing a serenade to the one I couldn't get reply.

2008년 4월 21일 월요일

Are you busy?

いそがしい[忙しい]means 'busy' in Japanese.are you busy?
If you aren't and you're in Seoul in first weekend of May,

You should be there.
I'll be there with my friend EunJeong(Ejing)&Midodok.
And we're planning to scribble on the street or on the ground,on the stage,anywhere.
You don't really need to buy tickets to see/meet us/other artists!
Just come to Nanji Area(Near by Worldcup stadium station-line No.6)And enjoy our drawings!Of course there'll be other fun/interesting things going on around the area.

so..Yes?Would you be there?
I'll take pictures and post some of them after the Festival.

ps-I came home last night,Doctor said My leg seems OK so far.

2008년 4월 17일 목요일

Alien in your street

Rough sketch with yellow green color pencil.


I stumble because a black car stepped on my left foot last night.
I wear short sleeve T-shirt because it's hot today.
I have tattoos on my arms because there're things I want to keep with.
I bandage my left eye because I got hurt and put at least 5 stitches on it.
I shed tears because my heart is broken.
I cross the street because my office was there.
I smoke on the street because I'm a chain smoker.

I know that the scene I made today isn't very common.
But,you didn't have to step aside from me.
I have a job,I didn't do anything bad,I have my family.
People,I'm just one of you.Don't look at me as a dumped alien in your peaceful street.
Enough staring,Enough frowning,Enough heartbreak.
So,please,no more.I got enough.

But actually,putting stitches was fun.I've never had it before.
And my eye looks much worse now.much,much,much swelled out.

2008년 4월 14일 월요일

I'm seeing

I made few rules for this sketch blog when I was making it.
First,post at least 2times a week.
Second,don't write too much,don't put too personal feelings on it.

But both of them are pretty hard for someone like me;;
These days I'm seeing how ugly I could be.
No matter how hard I try,I can't runaway from the truth how much ugly I am.
Suddenly I feel happiness,Suddenly I feel like a clown.
I'm holding burning fire on my chest while I'm running on the ice.
My eyes are saying please but the sound I make is no.

All these weird emotions made me draw these.

If you want to get an answer,you should open the door.
No one would open it for you.

I'll be back soon with brighter stuffs.
I'm sorry if I disturbed you readers.

2008년 4월 9일 수요일


-This is a pretty big image.
I used to sell these hand mirrors at *hope market.
(*hope market is an artist market which takes place near famous art school in Seoul.)
Well.I failed to sell them,but the job left me these sketches of faces.
I was having hard time to draw something new.But these helped me out of a slump.

Yeah~isn't she cute!her freckled face shows her personality well.

Yeah.I remember.He was shown on TV,weird Korean reality TV show.
Well.He was more like a boy than this actually.I thought that he's cute but clearly he isn't Korean girl's type.(his hair,lip pierce,so on)

When I was younger,the most important condition of my ideal type was baseball caps&short hair.
So I practiced to draw baseball caps a lot.
K and his crazy dog cap.

Don't you think this face is pretty familiar?
Well.It's a quiz.You've seen this before.I'm sure.Anyone knows the answer?
And I love this face as well.

My intended face for H was someone seems relaxed,easy,free.
Do you agree with me?

I thought this face looks like me..But now I think I was wrong.
I might draw this 'F'again.I really like the eyes.

I wanted to draw a sexy female.well..I think I failed.
hmm..I'm not sure but I tried to draw an actress of Neyo's music video.(not sure.not sure.)

2008년 4월 5일 토요일

images of an unknown guy

yeah..this reminds me of him.

I haven't met him,I even don't know his name.
But his image lasts in my memory.
I think I was just web surfing at the moment.
And I found a guy's(He's Canadian as I remember)web site.
He's a kind of avant-garde artist,usually take pictures of distorted body.
Some of them were interesting,Some looked painful.
And himself was the main model.
I completely forgot who he was,when it was,what the web address was,
but after a while I found myself drawing him.(no.his image)

I think that his a great artist.
I can't remember anything about him,but his pieces inspired me.And probably other people,too.
I know my drawings are sometimes just cute,sometimes just too weak.
But hopefully,I want to be an image to unknown readers.Even only just for one reader.

--personal reasons--
I'm starting a new project tomorrow,If you're in Seoul,You better look forward to upcoming news!
I'll be busier than ever,I think.But I'll try to post more and more stuffs.ASAP!

2008년 4월 1일 화요일

when I take your hand with delights

pencil sketch


Terrible thing happened.
I need a help.
I can't upload/link images no more from the site I used.
anyway.I just wanted to do this.
What do you feel from this image?