2008년 5월 28일 수요일

and It pains my head

I was smoking outside thinking of your email.
Some of your words made me cry,some made me smile,wonder,sigh,nod,so on..
Chemical brothers&magic numbers were singing 'close your eyes'
So I drew eyes.

I sang the song along and my friend came to the bench and said that boss fired him saturday.
She told him that she could give him 10 more days.
..He's been working here since she(boss) started her business.for almost 8years.
He's in my age,has 9years old son,divorced.
and the most important thing is-he's done nothing wrong.
My boss just needed another accessory.
He sighed with cigarettes,frowned his eyes and said
'good bye.thank you for being my friend.'
We went on some silly things we could have done together and walked to the building silently.

We will meet again I said just before he opened the office door,
But he just smiled and said nothing.

Everybody is leaving.
I wish I was young and innocent enough to say 'don't go.'

2008년 5월 27일 화요일

caged bird

Some birds don't deserve to be caged-pencil sketch.

Caged bird-color pencils&brush pen.

Some birds don't deserve to be caged
They gotta fly away and search for the waves
Bein locked up is worse than the grave
I live by the words on the page - I know!
Some birds don't deserve to be caged
They gotta fly away and search for the waves
Bein held down is worse than the grave
I live by the words on the page - I say!

-Acealone&RJD2:caged bird

I don't deserve to be caged.
But the things around me are burning.
The fire can't eat me up.But it took everything else.
It's in anywhere.in the news,your friend's messages,in your mom's eyes,on the streets,EVERYWHERE.

Everybody's living and dying and excusing in its own way.
This is how I apologize,how I excuse.

2008년 5월 23일 금요일


rough sketch.

colored.-with various pens.

One day Me'shell(my #1 hero) said,
'Freedom is not given or taken.It is realized.
Even though I adore her and try to trust it,but
Sometimes I feel like I'm buying freedom.especially from family.
I got a loan 57million won from a bank today.(yeah~surprise~!!)
If I can be free,that would be nothing.
But how could I ever?

..life sucks and is really complicated but I still draw and dream.
I will,I should.

overjoyed skitsch with color pens.
(bought 3 of them yesterday)

my fellows.They can jump out of the water and hold their body on the rock with their fins!!!!
Amazing lovely creatures!!


yea.I live like this.

2008년 5월 20일 화요일

The four men who came out of Ahgutang

pencil drawing.


This is about a song again,same as before you can hear/download it by clicking below.

BaikHyunJin is one of my favorite Korean indie artist.
He's in a band 'Uhuhboo project'which released 3 albums.
They're famous for BaikHyunJin('Maboo' at the moment)'s uncomfortable voice,his unusual lyrics.
Oh but his lyric is sometimes incredible,creepy,realistic than real,so poetic.
You'll see why if you read this song's lyric.
It's on his first solo album,released last month.
I'm gonna type an English lyric he added in the booklet.

The four man who came out of Ahgutang

Victory Korea!
The young man in back-pack is from Montreal.
He worked at the Chinese restaurant for three months.
21years old,Anderson,his name.
Saved money to travel.

His first destination,Seoul,Korea.

Mr.Ahn Sung Chul,after his night shift.
is at the DulDul- pub in Insadong.
He is looking at the instant sticker photos after ordering a pint and some Nogari.
three monthes ago,the lover in the picture married Miss Park Kyung.
He still can not forget him.
On a Saturday night,in Jongro.

Anderson,while sightseeing around Insa-dong,
Bought two Korean Fans for his parents.
Looking at the flock of cranes on the fan,he remembered Ikeda's long neck,who left him.

Having met at Toronto's George Bell Arena,happily continued their relationship for two years.
But one day,
Ikeda confessed love to his hockey partner Hiroshi and left Anderson.

Hiroshi was Anderson's first kiss.

Mr.Ahn Sung Chul was in front of Tap-gol park to catch a taxi.
Anderson was looking at his Lonely Planet in front of Tap-gol park as well.

On that moment,
Four men came out of 'The original Masan Ahgutang'restaurant.
They were member of South Korea's amateur soccer team.
They sang under the Nakwon market.
'Oh victory Korea,Oh victory Korea'

Looking at the map,Anderson approached Mr.Ahn.
While asking directions they started to talk.
At the first sight,they were attracted to each other.

Talking holding hands,carefully they kissed.

Right then,those amateur soccer team witnessed the scene.
On a Saturday night in Jongno.

Youn DongHyung a realtor,the goalkeeper,screamed furiously
'Look at those perverts!'
the four man,approached them and started to swing punches while cursing.

Ahn Sung Chul,fortunately,only got a slap on the face.
He is on the ground grabbed by the neck.
But Anderson,got a struck of a merciless 'potent-shoot'
His jawbone crushed and became a mess in blood and saliva.

On that moment,Chan Ho Park(A Korean MLB player)got a time of reflection with tears.
While Park Kyung is in Kyung-Ju having a three day love affair with her college senior.

In BaikHyunJin's interview he had,he wrote this song after he read a newspaper talking about a foreign guy was attacked by Korean men 'cause he was kissing a boy in the street.
The news pissed him off and he focused on realism in this song.
Actually I drew four men with those kissers but I wasn't very happy with them..
So I cropped them out.
Here they are.

2008년 5월 15일 목요일

different surrounding&everyday journey

My office moved few weeks ago.
The old office was near Sillim(the place I was born and lived over 20years),
And I had worked there for three and half years.
Of course I liked the place.
The building was old,dirty,loud but there was some kind of peculiar atmosphere.
And I loved the old lady of the grocery store in the first floor.
She always talked to me about TV shows she watching.

The new place now we are is..bigger,so clean,too silent.
And this sick building is nonsmoking building.
We can only smoke outside of the building or on the roof.
Here are convenience store,big restaurant,other offices..which are just new and boring.

I come to the office around 11~12o'clock,and smoke 2~3cigerettes outside then start to work.

quick sketch of an unhappy smoker

smoke a lot at one time

Cleaning people are always busy to keep this giant boring building clean.

And these are from my everyday journey from work to home(I walk home)
(It used to take one and half hour but now its much shorter than before.)

My old desk.

desk again.Oh!!I miss those cute magnets!!

The old 'SoonDaeGook'diner.My old office building had stories.

Old lady's old small store.Oh I miss it already.

We used to have drinks there.

An empty old narrow road.Those orange lights aren't easy to find in wider/newer drive ways.

People were fighting for a better residence.

On the bridge-before you cross it,you're in Seoul.But after you crossed it,You're in GyeonGi Do.
This scenary is the main reason I walk home.I fall in love everynight.

The moon.The lonely moon.
Those short apartments are jealous of the moon.
So they threaten the moon everynight.

This massive city can't get satisfaction.
It's always trying to stratch the sky.

..finally I'm home.

Pretty little colorful toes want me to wear flip-flop and to show them the sea.
But I think I'm too busy until next Thursday.

2008년 5월 11일 일요일

spice of life

追憶のライラック(trumpet dub)-Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
(lilac of memory)
click the letters and listen to the song!!!!!!now!!!please!
(just open and play!or you can download it from my web page-no need to worry about virus)

The original song was performed with a singer but this song is a dub version of it.
This makes me think of a garden full of sunlight and wind.
No matter where I am,what I do.
I first saw their concert last year(Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra),
Their first impression was very energetic,quite strong..almost like macho guys(they're all guys.about 10 performers.&they don't sing.they invite singers for their albums)
They played this dub version as ancores.mm...yea..quite sure.
I usually don't like dubs,but this is so beautiful.
I can remember the trumpet player's face,the old cute mute,everything.
Now my name is 'skitsch'but before it I used the name Dr.SKa for a long time.
Skitsch is a new word I made with 'ska'+'kitsch'.
(Oh.but it's been almost 5years since I made it)

Sometimes life is so tough.
Sometimes I feel like things like this is just a luxury.
I feel like I should do something else rather than dreaming and smile.
But these feelings are spices of life.
without them,we can't go on.

I love my life,I love songs,I love you!
Sounds silly but I really wanted to share this with everyone.
Do you feel the same?

2008년 5월 5일 월요일

From WDF&more

Hey,my readers,frinds&foes!
I'm back from super busy crazy days.
The festival held on the 3rd and 4th.
The 1st day's weather was so nice.no cloud,no rain.
It was a very lovely early summer day.

This is my first stencil.
I haven't thought that I could done it but it was so fun!
You'll be seeing my stamps on the street very soon&often.

Second stencil.
I love the line.'waste the youth!'
Though I'm losing it.maybe already lost it.

We couldn't do things we prepared.
There were lots of conditions like-
Don't draw with tools which won't be erased naturally,Don't draw on the marquee,Don't draw on the sets.(But actually those were my dreamt canvas.)
So we decided to draw on a narrow road with chalks.
This is my first drawing.Smoke kills me not you.
(I hate that warning!Smoke kills!I know.and we all are dying.)

And this fun-loving smoker loved it!
Probably he was the most popular subject for the moment.

Mr.P invaded my drawing.Mr.P is my friend and doesn't want to show who he is.

Do your thing!!How you dare!!

Skitsch is scribbling on the street!
She's writing something about drinking this time!

EJing and Mr.P collaborated.

Ejing&Mr.P collaborated again.
It was really fun to see them drawing together.
You'll see why with another photos!

Actually Mr.P was my one day assistant.
He carried my HEAVY bag silently So I was very happy with it.

Ejing is my youngest friend.A design school senior student.
These mountains are her latest design she said.
She's really cute&cheeky.And most of her stuffs are cute and bright.

Since I wanted to draw on the street,I wanted to see this.
People stepping on mine and then my drawing can be a part of the street.

This isn't my favorite.I didn't even colored it.But the message was..
Isn't it so me?!
She's reaching her hand towards him but saying 'no'.while he's just standing saying 'yes'.

Shy trio.the top:Mr.P,left:Skitsch,right:EJing.
Yea,It's almost dark and we had FUN!!

Mr.P left us earlier.While we were waiting for the next DJ stage,I drew on the sketchbook.

I was drawing this.
When I'm alone,I can't stop thinking about 'you'.
But also I'm having so much fun without having you by my side.
I sighed and smiled once again.

And I drew EJing.And she loved them.

Ejing's DJing drawing on the wall.
What she wrote in Korean is 'DJing'.

And my drawing on the wall.
Have a little faith in me~
Come on baby!have a little faith in me~~

And I met this guy from Canada.
He's a Graffiti writer&hockey player.
I was resting my leg in our marquee and suddenly he came in and started to write this.
First I thought 'eh.another drunken foreigner~'then I thought 'Oh.this guy knows what he's doing!'
I hope that I could see more of his art.
You know that I'm really interested in street arts.
Eh?You didn't know?ok.I'll show you later!

And the next day's weather sucked.cold,rainy,so on.
We didn't bring anything else just chalks and crayons.

But this time they gave us this panel to draw.
Everything wasn't right but we tried.
But suddenly rain came harder so we coulnd't help coming inside of cozy marquee.

Anyways,We had fun,EJing.right?
Though Mr.P couldnt make it Sunday.