2008년 6월 23일 월요일


I'm going to London tomorrow.
I've only been to the UK and Tokyo.
After my dad passed away I started to dream of London.
Before my first long journey I chose Tokyo for visit.
My boyfriend at the moment was Japanese,was in Tokyo.
It was August of 2003,then 7months after I went to London.
I wanted to live there.But I just had travel visa,really hated to study English.
(If I was a student,there were possibilities to stay.)
So I started to teach Korean/Japanese kids piano to save money but the city is famous for its expensiveness.(means that I couldn't live there without real jobs)
I lived there for almost 6months,from the end of March to the middle of September.
During summer there're lots of music festivals there.
I really,really,really wanted to go to Glastonbusy Festival but the ticket price wasn't a thing I could afford.
They showed it live on air,and me and my friend Aeran holded eachother's hands and swore-We should come back and must be there.
5years passed.during then we went to Tokyo again and traveled our country but didn't forget the day we made up our mind.

This year,I'll be there.
Still very excited and nervous and worried and anticipated.

pencil sketch of me waiting for airport limousine

I'll be texting to friends.and will be looked exactly like that.
Oh.and actually I'm taking my cellphone with me.
Calling on the phone is too expensive but I can get/send text messages.
(which is 300won per sms)
Well..If you're dying to hear my voice,give me a call.
If you do and I get,you just pay domestic fee.
I pay the overseas fee.eh.That's how it works.
I want to be free from phones but also don't want to miss my friend in the foreign huge mud field.
I'm glad that the limousine stop isn't far from my house.

Yea.weather.It's the biggest concern.
Whether it's bad or not,I will have great time!!!

I still have this empty note for drawings of people I met in London.
It's blank and that means I met lots of people but I forgot the note for a long time.

And a drawing I did in London.
oh.well.someday I could talk about its full story.about a depressed youth.

My friends,lovers,foes,everyone.
I'll be back on the 5th of July.
I'm bringing notes,sketchbook(named skitschbook) so wish me good luck with the weather,everything.And then I could come back with much more interesting ideas,drawings.

see you in July.
I'll be missing you!

2008년 6월 22일 일요일

Oh,(one of my)old lost sketchbook(s)!

While I was packing,I accidentally found a sketchbook!
I used to write dates after I draw things so I noticed that its from 1999~2000!!
Those days,I was so young and was with Oi,Sundive,Minjoon,GwangJae,brother Wang,Jowoo..

I made few stories about people relationships,life.
And I drew them on this note.
(I was a very serious kid..what would younger me say if she see how I am now?I know the answer.'I've grown up as I hated!'-I'm too silly for me from the past)

This girl's name is 'Hye Yeon'혜연.
She's a middleschool girl,but looks much mature than the other girls.
In her school,bullying is very common but her character was too unique to be bullied or bully other girls.
It's a story about two isolated girls.(which are very different from eachother)
And how to communicate different ways.

I drew the moment when Sundive(friend of mine) met ****(I forgot his name).
I hadn't seen her face shine like that.
And I first thought that 'that's what people call love!'

Sometimes I think I could draw better than now.
I was able to draw like this!9years before!
And I could use other different tools!
Anyways I wrote these lines below this drawing.
'Among things I call 'mine',how many of them are mine?
aren't they just things I obtained(from others)?then,where are 'mine'?'
I was worrying about originality.And I still worry but I realized,
I'll live life like this-worry and wonder and try to find mine.
Then someday,I think I could get real realizations.

Hmm...younger me might not hate me.
She's still in me.

It was a crazy week.

From Monday to Thursday my work schedule was crazy,I couldn't even check this blog.
And I had to work until 1~2am in the night.
Finally Friday came,but I was still busy doing this and that.
And I spent yesterday under the pressure..(pressure of packing)
I'm about to take a vacation,will leave to England on the 24th.
..I'll post about it tomorrow or tonight again.Anyways.
These are what I drew while I had to be a machine for Japanese animations.

A very stressful night.
Someone was on the phone,My mom was on the street and too much works were waiting for me.
And I felt like everything was pointing at me saying'only you!'

People watching in front of the office building.
I knew that I had to go back to work,but instead of that I spent 20mins to smoke and watch people.
I muttered heh~everybody is busy except for me~ to myself.
But I'm sure that I was as busy as those girls.Maybe more busy.

2008년 6월 16일 월요일

say 'try this!'

for your baby brother who's just turned to 26years old today.
for your mom who has to fight for her faith.
for your friend who's so exhausted by things she has to do.
for your daddy who broke his back at the bathroom few days ago.
and for your prince/princess who doesn't feel good but there's nothing you can do.
say,try this!
It's 'wonder candy',from SSSS!!(*SSSS-StrangeSweetSillySkitsch)
It will make you forget about the worries!
But it only works while it's melting on your tongue.
Don't have it too much at one time then you might forget every emotions.
Oh,if you're interested,please contact to skitsch!

I don't worry about him.A flower already gave him wonder candy!

Last week,I had a chance to took a bus with mom.
And I found this icebreakers in my bag and gave it to her.

I don't like acid stuffs like lemon,orange juice so on.
But probably because of that,I always carry sour candies to wake me up(or to kill time).
Mom asked me what was it and I said It's wonder candy which would make you forget worries.
She didn't believe me but after she took one,she understood what I meant.
Its taste is extremely strong!!!!!!!
And while you have it in your mouth,you can't think of any other things.
I'm so into it~~

2008년 6월 9일 월요일


During weekends I met lots of people.
Some relatives which I haven't met after my dad's funeral,several friends at my friend's wedding,some new kinds of people,so on.
Meeting relatives and talking with them is like walking across over the stepping stones.
There're things I shouldn't step on.If I do,I would drown.
Things like..(moment)..whatever.
I'm old enough to know how life goes on whether we want or not,old enough to see how complicated emotions,stories they have.
Well..I just know and see.I don't say I understand.
They always make me puzzled.
Anyways.So I had time to think about 'talking'

It's a Korean singer's song 'in this rain'.
I'm not a big fan of her but a fan of Anis.(A japanese singer who featured this song.)
And I found I misheard a word.In the first line,it's not 'your talking voice'.it's 'your choking voice'but it sounded 'talking' to me.

He tries to tell her how he feels about her but she can't hear.
What a tragic,boy!
Couple of years ago I read a comic about two aliens.
They hid their true identity and met and fell in love and worried 'cause they thought that their gf/bf was human.
One day the boy saw her huge tail while she was taking a shower.
She cried saying'I'm an alien.could you still love me?'
And the boy smiled and showed his real face to her.(with pointy ears and whiskers)
Some of us don't speak the same language and think that bothers us,but
even we speak the same language,some of us just can't listen.

2008년 6월 4일 수요일

Do you wanna know?

Do you wanna know
why she cried twice today?
Do you wanna know
why she screamed against the wind?
Do you wanna know
why she spat the words which made her mom cry?
Do you wanna know
why she felt so unreal?
Do you wanna know
what she's looking for in her life?
Do you wanna know
why she talked to the sky,'this is because of you'
Do you wanna know
why she had to drink everynight?
Do you wanna know
how she sees the world

Actually,you don't need to know.
'Cause there's nothing more to say.

ps-I was reading this again and realized.
I was really drunk.I drank over my limit.
(And I couldn't remember what I wrote until 5 in the afternoon.)
Making decision is always hard,but I think now or never.
I hope that mine was right at least just for now.

2008년 6월 1일 일요일

3 different styles

I met a hair color changing guy today.
He said his hair color is different in summer and winter.
I haven't seen it before so I think I have to meet him in winter.
It was our 2nd meeting,we planed to draw together when we meet.
Yea.he's the one I met at World Dj Festival.oh.It's been a month!

Hair color changing guy is drawing on my sketchbook.

He was drawing this.
Sometimes machines are so stupid,the way my scanner reads picture is using lights.
And he used a silver marker to paint it.
So this is what happened.
Anyways,I haven't met any graffiti writers and haven't thought that they could draw on the paper.
(How stupid I am.huh!)
He's amazing.I can't express any better.

Hair color changing guy's note.
I didn't notice it first but I found that he wrote the line'beautiful loser'.
And I know I'm one of them..sometimes not as beautiful as others,but I am a loser.
Here are stuffs from his note.

ooh..I can't remember what he said about this..did he say he hates this?
I don't know..uh..uh..

He sent this image the other day by phonemail,said'simple style'.
Simple!!?!?!Probably his definition of 'simple' is very different from me.
I like this a lot..Sounds childish but I love the stars!ahahahaha(running and fade out)

His another drawing.I'm still not sure he said he likes this or not.
(But I'm posting it 'cause I like it.)

The last time I drew with others was..hmm...when I was in highschool.
I became much shier,more stubborn,much much more nervous.
I was worried that he might not like mine or I might ruin his sketch.
But luckily,his charactor came out pretty good and he liked it.
(Of course I like this a lot!He really looks like this!..well..to me)
Can't wait to see he finishes the lettering!
I'll post again after he put some color in it with other things we did together.
And I found myself trying to make new patterns with color pens.
I'm addicted to so many things..

Me today in his note.I feel relieved when I'm in the gray world.
(But I don't seem so..as always)

and 2nd,I met DJ Logic(you can see his name on the left.linked 'my mentor').
He's like my real brother,33years old,I call him my favorite 33years old.
If he gets older,then He'll be my favorite 34,35,36years old.
We've been best friends for 12years.(Ah~~12years!makes me feel I'm so old!)
He's a comic artist,now is writing movie scenario,story for japanese cartoon.
And also he's going to draw webtoons in near future.
(I'll post it again when he starts.)
We haven't met for 2months,cause he was in Japan.
Anyways,It was really great to meet him today.

He makes a rainbow with his obsession.

And he gave me a quick sketch of his new web cartoon's main character.
He used to draw the series for a korean magazine but wasn't very popular also.
But he became a legend.He was like..at least 2 steps ahead.
It's rare to export Korean comics to Europe/USA,but this..did.
well..still not very major style though.
(If he was,I couldn't be his friend this long time)

He drove me back home by his obsession(which made me shed tears)
I don't know when I'm gonna see him,but it's always great to hang out with him.
yea.I call him my mentor!
He's one of the most important people in my life.
one of the biggest influence.(mentally)

And I'm still very excited 'cause of my new cell phone accessories!

Closer look.I made those straps with beads,got that cute purple monster from a cloth shop!!Thanx Jay!


A!pencil sketch


Images of girls and boys are overflowing from online shopping sites.
Most of them are..exaggerated,unreal,some are even total mess.
But people like me(lazy),if they show the size correctly,online shopping is a big temptation.
I don't think I saw them(above) in the shopping pages but
After my online window shopping,those clothes left in my head.
And the guy on the right reminds me of someone I knew.
Few years ago,I met the guy at Levi's near my house.We kinda had the same taste.
I liked the way we met-on the street,two strangers with same taste!
And he was really funny.
Hmm..I haven't talked to him for years and I don't remember the reason.