2008년 3월 26일 수요일

I see the light

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Do you know Neil Gaiman?
Neil Richard Gaiman is an English author of science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels, graphic novels, comics, and films. His notable works include The Sandman comic series, Stardust and American Gods.-wikipedia

I saw his name from a magazine when I was in highschool.I just saw an image from The Sandman,A dark hair girl saying "hey!you are bleeding"
Until then,I hadn't seen any foreign comics except for Japanese manga.
From that moment,I really wanted to get a copy of the series,But it was almost impossible to a Korean girl.(And it was 12years ago,means there wasn't internet.)
But after few years I could see his name again on some graphic novels with Dave Mckean(one of the greatest illustrator of our time!)'s fantastic illustrations!
..Oh.I lost my mind again.When I'm saying as a fan,I always lost in words.
I watched Stardust last thursday.(?not sure-,.-)
And one of my favorite Neil Gaiman's book is Never where.
Those two stories have couple of things in common.
There're girl&boy.And the girls show the way to go to.
Boys had certain goals at the start of the story,but girls changed their lives.

And I drew a girl & a boy again,He's seeing the light at the end of her finger.
The place she points at.
oh!This weather makes me can't stop thinking of girls and boys!!

2008년 3월 23일 일요일

I love being myself

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I love being myself-pencil drawing

(click to see the original size)
I love being myself-inked.

What do you think about beauty?
What's your definition of beauty?
Most girls in Korea would say big eyes with sharp double-eyelids,sharp nose,red lips,small and rounded chin are common conditions of beauty.
And also they admire thiner,longer body with curves.
The girl in the left,is taller,thiner,has bigger eyes but she doesn't like wearing girly stuffs.And she's happy with it.
The other girl in the right,is smaller,has traditional asian eyes and she's happy with herself.
I didn't draw me with them but I'm shorter than the Korean average,slightly heavier than the average,have narrow eyes,dirty skin,don't like skirts&high heels.
But I love being myself.I take care of myself and sometimes,I feel like I'm more beautiful than people called average beauty.
I won't get plastic surgeries,but will always try to love myself.

2008년 3월 18일 화요일

everybody,say PICNIC!!!

The weather here is so nice these days.
Everything whispers to me,'pi-c-ni-c'!
People usually say the spring is a season of girls.
Streets are full of colors from their light clothes!
Isnt it lovely?
Everybody,picnic!summer of love is coming!

rough sketch
Today's me,very satisfied with the weather-no need to wear coat!!
So I pretended to go on a picnic while i was heading to the office.


What are you waiting for!just go!feel the breeze!!

2008년 3월 17일 월요일

skitsch rage-遺憾

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As Bob Marley said,so much troubles in the world.

We should be angry about
Dying kids because of adults' fault.
People which even don't have chance to live like others.
Politicians saying no corruption is impossible in politics.
Men think they're superior to women.
Women always lean on Men.
My people,Korean,their blind following of western culture.

I'm proud of me.
But I'm confused why things around me are so irritating.
Maybe that shows I'm not right or confident.

2008년 3월 12일 수요일

I know this light can't be lasting for ever.

(click 'play',please!)
Can you hear?Can you hear a song?
I was listening to this song.
byul(literally it means 'the star)-blue light bulb
and There's a line goes like-
'This blue light between us.I know it can't be lasting forever.
but I keep on saying I love you I love you for ever.'

It's a dry,lonely,empty love song.
very poetic,too.
In life,we meet many people.And We're in love with moments.Not with people.
That's what I felt from the song..
People say love too easily.Even in situations their hearts don't say so.

So I chose to draw girl&boy.Purer,younger and naiver.

(click the image to see it bigger)
Pencil sketch.
I was in love with this sketch,actually-,.-
The boy's hand,eyes,The girl's gesture and the song.

(click the image to see it bigger)
For the first time,I want to color this.
They need a blue light.
If I success,I'll post it again.
If I fail,I'll hide it perfectly.yeahie!I'm a genius!!

ps-I don't know why but I can't stop seeing this post again and again.
Is it because of the song?or Am I really in love with those two young sweethearts?

2008년 3월 8일 토요일

Last night or This morning

Doing same job for 8 years seems enough time to be ready for everything,but It's not true.There're still lots of variables!
I had to work all night but until 8pm,I didn't know(actually my team didn't know) that I had to work until the morning.

"I know what you're doing!"

SO.I need to go back to draw my own sketch(I can't stop thinking about it)!
You can see it tomorrow..hopefully.

2008년 3월 5일 수요일

back in the day again-the poem 'when I was the most beautiful'

My English isn't perfect.I can merely express meanings.
But I found this photocopy today and really want to share it here..
I know at least 1 English teacher is seeing this page.
If there're any unnatural/wrong lines,please correct me.

내가 가장 예뻤을 때-이바라기 노리코
When I was the most beautiful-Ibaragi Noriko

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
거리는 콰르릉 하고 무너지고 Streets collapsed with a thud
생각도 않던 곳에서 Something like a blue sky
파란 하늘 같은 것이 보이곤 했다 Appeared in unexpected places

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
주위의 사람들이 많이 죽었다 Lots of people around me died
공장에서 바다에서 이름도 없는 섬에서 In the factory,in the sea,on unnamed islands
나는 멋부릴 실마리를 잃어버리고 말았다 I lost the clue of adorning myself

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
아무도 다정한 선물을 바쳐주지 않았다 Nobody devoted me heartfelt gifts
남자들은 거수경례밖에 몰랐고 Guys only knew military salutes
깨끗한 눈짓만을 남기고 모두 떠나가버렸다 And all went off with clean eye-signs

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
나의 머리는 텅 비고 My head was so empty
나의 마음은 무디었고 My mind was so dull
손발만이 밤색으로 빛났다 Only chestnut-colored hands and feet shined

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
나의 나라는 전쟁에서 졌다 My country was defeated in war
그런 엉터리같은 일이 있느냐고 That's such a fake I said
블라우스의 팔을 걷어올리고 and wandered about servile streets
비굴한 거리를 쏘다녔다 with my blouse sleeves rolled up

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
라디오에서는 재즈가 넘쳤다 Jazz songs overflowed from the radio
담배연기를 처음 마셨을 때처럼 어질어질하면서I felt dizzy like my first cigarette
나는 이국의 달콤한 음악을 마구 즐겼다 And enjoyed the sweet songs of alien lands

내가 가장 예뻤을 때 When I was the most beautiful
나는 아주 불행했고 I was so unhappy
나는 아주 얼빠졌었고 I was so blank
나는 무척 쓸쓸했다 I was so lonely

때문에 결심했다 될수록이면 오래살기로 So I decided to live as long as possible
나이 들어서 굉장히 아름다운 그림을 그린 Like the French painter Georges Rouault
불란서의 루오 할아버지같이 그렇게 who drew extremly beautiful pieces in his old age

I need to draw this poem again

..right now.

back in the day~I was serious!

Past Saturday was my 8th anniversary..
I've been doing this shitty animation job since 1st March,2001.
well..From the start,I disliked this job.'cause I thought that animators are just copiers,a small parts of big industries.Not creative at all.
(I still think most of them are.But now I know there're some shiny people.)
So I tried to keep drawing my stuffs.Losing my style meant death to me.
Losing it meant that I ended up one of those fools I laughed at.
And also I was in an amateur comic club.They used to publish 4 books a year,which were pretty popular.
(there were some very famous comic artists in the club.)
Club colleagues advised me that I should quit animation job to be a comic artist,
but I had to earn money.That's why Im still here.

I'm not a punctual person,I lost lots of sketchbooks.Drawings I upload today aren't the original image.I lost those drawings.It's a long,sad story.Let's say I caused the half of the disaster.
That's why I had to have a sketch blog.I can't lose drawings here unless I forget the blog address.
Anyway.These are copies(by xerox) and quite old stuffs.

(click it to see its real size)
self portrait.in 2000.-I was testing a new brush pen.

(click it to see tis real size)
another self portrait in 2001.Probably it was fall when I drew this.

(click it to see its real size)
for christmas card.in 1999 or 1998.

(click it to see its real size)
I forgot why I drew this..Maybe I just wanted to draw the side face..Me from the past is mysterious.in 2001.

(click it to see its real size)
I liked this one-eyed girl a lot so I made a notebook cover with it.
The notebook stayed with me over 3years.Now she's gone.
That's why this image is so special to me.I lost the original image,the first photocopy(which was bigger than this),now lost my notebook too.
-I need a meticulous husband..-(sigh)

(click it to see its real size)
drawing from a friend from old days.He's in my age,now is a guitarist of a band 'nobrain'-which you can see often on TV.

2008년 3월 2일 일요일

Drawings for d-gecko

D-gecko is my own homepage which Aeran(aka catsoul) actually made.
we made it for our greatest plan in our lives.
(I still keep some of them as my dream,but now we're not a team anymore.)
but still,she's my best friend,the biggest supporter,the best companion.

D-gecko has songs,my products(which i sell on the market..t-shirts,stickers,mirrors,so on),some designs,pictures,my(and visitor's) mutters.
so i make compilation CDs for D-gecko visitors at least once in a year.
but these i upload today are not used for their covers yet.
probably i won't use them for D-gecko compilation CDs.
that's why one of them has the line 'B(e)-Side(s)'.

(click the image to see the full size)
Me from last winter.it's too sad to use as a cover I thought..
Well.I was pretty sad at the moment,though.

(click the image to see the full size)
Some of my friends got this covered CD.They liked D-gecko compilations a lot and wanted to get some more.I might use this as a cover of B-Side CDs unless I draw a new one.

Bonus again!